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Rich MetaData based Solutions on Box

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MetaData Tools for Box

Dramatically reduce the time and effort of adding and modifying document Metadata (up to 90% reduction in time).  In addition, create Beautiful MetaData based Solutions and Apps in minutes.

MetaData Uploader:  Simplifies the effort of uploading new content with metadata.  NEW – Support for Required MetaData

MetaData Modeler:  Cuts the time and cost of adding and modifying metadata with existing content.  NEW – Support for Folders

MetaData Template Search Builder and Configurator:  Visually Design and Configure Rich MetaData Based Searches in minutes.  NEW – Group based Dashboards

PowerSearch for Box WS newPowerSearch for Box helps users find information quickly plus improve the overall productivity, responsiveness and compliance of your organization.

  • Advanced MetaData Bases Searches
  • Saved Metadata Searches
  • Related Searches
  • Advanced Filtering
  • Embed Anywhere
  • Social Sharing

Typical Solutions and Apps configured with MetaData Tools for Box

Controlled Documents: Within every organization, there are documents responsible for ensuring that everyday processes function properly. Securely and confidentially storing those documents while still ensuring they can easily be accessed, reviewed, and tracked to create a reliable audit trail throughout the life cycle of each document is the heart of effective document control.

Audits: Auditing can yield tremendous benefits to an organization. In fact, some refer to it as their organization’s secret weapon to success.  Auditing provides the essential input for management to be assured that well defined business processes are truly being followed and generating the results expected.

CAPA: One detail that most successful businesses have in common is the ability to solve problems quickly and thoroughly in order to minimize the impact and prevent re-occurrences. All of the internationally-recognized standards for quality, safety and environmental management systems share common requirements for corrective and preventive actions.

Training: Ensure training occurs at the required time so staff can be effective in their daily work. Ability to link to training materials with MetaData assure users are up to date with the latest training materials.

Document Management:  Within every organization, there are enterprise documents each department uses everyday.  Ability to add and manage metadata on documents such as Marketing Collateral, Media Assets, Engineering Documents, Financial Documents and Best Practices greatly increases the organizations ability to maintain its desired velocity.

MetaData Standard:  When evaluating metadata models, organizations should look to see if there are any standards that external parties require them to use when sharing data.  Just to name a few: ISO/IEC 11179, DDI, TEI, EAD or Darwin Core.

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Crooze solutions are designed to Create, Manage and Deliver Collaboration and MetaData based applications.  With over 8 years of continuous development, Crooze has evolved and innovated by listening to the current trends and all our users feedback. Today, Crooze powers thousands of users in small and large enterprises for many of their strategic Collaborative Content Management Apps.  Following are a few of our customers: