Crooze Corporation, the makers of Kanbans announces: Crooze ECM for Box

If you’re interested and would like to gain access please contact Crooze   Details

Add Collaboration to Box with Kanbans

Visual Collaboration to enhance your Business Workstreams

No more “Who’s Doing What”

Kanbans is a collaborative cloud application built on Box that helps you further enable secured team collaboration. Whether you need to enhance teamwork, processes or communication, Kanbans can help your organization get work done.

Kanbans help teams gain clarity on:

What needs to be worked on

What’s currently being worked on

What’s been completed

Why Kanbans for your Organization

Watch productivity soar with the app users love. Let team members instantly collaborate on Desktops, Laptops and Mobile Devices so they can work together from anywhere.

Kanbans makes data access safe, reliable, and fast. And with powerful admin controls, IT can protect information both inside and outside your organization while seemlessly integrating Box files.

Break the cycle of unclear team assignments, ownership and status. Employees will pick up Kanbans in no time so they can get work done.

NEW –  Sample Use Case Boards

Kanbans Product Information Click Here         MetaData Product Information Click Here

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